UVA Battlefield

Lauren Fletcher, Staff Reporter

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“It’s a beautiful and peaceful place, and I enjoy the area,” stated Jordan Bareford Byrd, a senior here at Chancellor High School about the UVA campus.

Byrd first became a fan of the University of Virginia at a young age, because his dad attended the school. His favorite sports team from the school is the baseball team. He has been attending the games for years, and still enjoys watching the games from time to time. Byrd believes that the school is most known for its history, since Thomas Jefferson founded the school, and its in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Compared to other schools in the area, Byrd thinks that UVA is up to date in their sports department and has one of the bigger campuses in the area. “I would like to see them improve in their degree area, along with their majors,” stated Byrd.

Byrd always knew that he wanted to go to UVA, but is now having to take a different path in his future since the school does not major in what he would like to do.

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UVA Battlefield