20 Ways To Have Fun In Summer

Erin Jobes, Staff Reporter

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As you do these things, collect little mementos or pictures and at the end of summer, use all the things you have collected and make a collage to keep as a memory of how great your summer was!

  1. Find a park or YMCA near you and go for a walk with friends
  2. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen
  3. Go to the local farmer’s market and see what fruit and flowers are in season
  4. Go window shopping at the mall
  5. Watch the sunset (or rise if you’re an early bird!)
  6. While you’re at it, stargaze with friends away from city lights
  7. Volunteer at a summer camp for something you’re interested in
  8. Go for a hike at a State or National Park
  9. Read a book inside…
  10. …or outside too!
  11. If you’re not a reader, have a movie night
  12. Wear a t-shirt saying ‘life’ and hand out lemons
  13. Take pictures of you with your friends (or your dog) and have an impromptu photoshoot
  14. Cut out letters and words from newspapers and magazines to make a short story
  15. Plan a picnic with your family or friends
  16. Pick up a new language or learn an instrument
  17. Send a message in a bottle
  18. Make a giant chocolate chip cookie, or have a contest to see who can make the biggest
  19. If you can, try five new foods each month
  20. Go to a body of water and swim

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20 Ways To Have Fun In Summer