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Gynger Adams, Staff Reporter

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   Comical, relatable and most notably “fetch”, are just a few of the many ways one can use to describe the pop culture phenomenon known as Mean Girls. Before today I had never seen a single minute of Mean Girls; all I knew about the movie was that it was about some girl played by Lindsay Lohan who for some apparent reason leaves Africa to move to the U.S and wants to take revenge on some stereotypical popular girl who looks like your typical Barbie doll, Regina George.

   The movie starts off with Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan), a girl who just got back from living in Africa, starting her first day of school. Immediately the movie makes it known that the sweet and kind Cady is completely and utterly naive to the ways of high school. This is made even more apparent when her parents drop her off in front of the school where Cady looks absolutely terrified of the students in the schoolyard. She hurriedly makes her way to her first class where she awkwardly mistakes another student for her teacher. To top it off, when her actual teacher does arrive, Cady accidentally knocks her plate of food onto her shirt. During the rest of the day Cady is constantly breaking easy-to-follow school rules that anybody who’s been to public school would follow.

   Cady ends up making friends with the sarcastic gothic-looking Janis Ian (Lizzy Caplan) and her best friend Damian Leigh (Daniel Franzese) who through the course of the days to come educate her all about the various cliques in their school and warns her to stay away from one in particular: the Plastics.

   The Plastics are a queen bee girl group who everyone either envies or hates. The Plastics are made up a  by the rich gossiper Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert ), the airhead Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried), and are both led by Regina George (Rachel McAdams), the a girl who Janis describes as “evil takes a human form.”

   The same day that Cady was warned to stay away from the Plastics she ends up sitting and eating lunch with them, after they save her from some creeper in the cafeteria.   By sitting with the Plastics, this causes Janis to hatch a scheme to bring down the Plastics.Regina spread a rumor about her back in eighth grade and she hasn’t been able to let it go ever since.  Initially Cady refuses to go through with the plan, but after Regina slights Cady it’s time for Operation: Bring Down the Plastics. All throughout the rest of the movie Cady transforms from your kind girl next door to a spiteful, superficial, just all around stereotypical mean girl.

   In the beginning viewers may find it entertaining to watch Cady morph into a mean girl, but after a while it seems like a video about Lohan’s own infamous downward spiral. The movie was enjoyable, and the many cliques and characters are interesting, but at some point one might wonder,  “How many times have I seen this plot?” or  “Where have I seen this plot?” But at the end of the day, Mean Girls had many high points that would appeal to anyone who likes movies centered around high schoolers, or just movies about petty revenge.

   Mean Girls is about 97 minutes long and has a 3.5 stars on the movie and TV show rating sight IMDb, but I’d give it two stars. It earned an 83% percent on the movie rating site Rotten Tomatoes. If you really wish to see why Cady is seeking revenge on Regina or what exactly Regina did to Janis that has her dead set on revenge, you can check out Mean Girls on Netflix.

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Movie Monthly: September